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Hubbert's startling prediction that proved true for the USA will also apply to the world soon.

M. King Hubbert
October 5th, 1903 -- October 11th, 1989

"Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know."
M. King Hubbert

The Geophysicist M. King Hubbert made a prediction in 1949 and in 1956 that the US oil production would peak out and decline in 1970. His prediction, in hind sight, has proved incredibly accurate for US oil production. He also stated that the fossil fuel era will be incredibly short. During his day his predictions were widely scoffed at but not anymore. In 1956 he predicted that the world oil production would peak in 1995 but this has not happened yet. As scary as it sounds oil will become scarcer and scarcer as the world demand is increasing and increasing. During the current administration the amount of oil the USA imports has increased from 53% to over 60%. During the arab oil embargo the USA only imported 35% of its oil from foreign sources.
During the current administration the price of oil went from as low as $17 per barrel to a recent high of $145 per barrel, over 600% up. But this is not the end of the run up in oil prices. I believe we may see $200-$500 per barrel oil in the next 10 years.


Clearly we are in for a rocky economic road ahead. The Dolan's, Daria and Ken, are predicting severe economic problems ahead for the USA. I respect their sage advice because they called the stock market bubble bursting in 2000. Go to and the for an economic security plan for this troubled time in history. Don't wait until its too late to buy a solar or wind energy system. I believe energy should be free, and it is, when it comes from renewable sources like PV and wind. I own and sell BIPV/wind systems and its time to buy. Please view my site at Do the right thing and conserve power, buy a solar hot water system and a PV solar system to cover the energy use of your house or business.
Mahalo to all my customers who have found energy independence,
Franklin Russell 3/15/2009


In 1956 Hubbert predicted that in 1970, oil production in the USA would peak out and diminish. Today the amount of oil produced in the USA is equal to the amount produced in the late 50's. Today we import over 60% of our oil from foriegn sources. During the arab oil embargo, the USA only imported 35% of its oil from foriegn sources. With production trailing off in the USA and the world and demand ever increasing the market will drive up gas prices to higher and higher levels. There is no one to blame for this except ourselfs. Only 40% of a barrel of oil is gasoline.
Defend yourself and your family against this monster of peak oil. Oil is toxic sludge and should be left in the ground. With a 4 KW or bigger BIPV system you can cook with electrons made by the sun. The new Outback dual inverter systems are powerful enough to run 220 VAC welders and electric stoves with zero global warming. Why not use your garage roof to charge up your electric vehicle. Your shop roof can make hydrogen and oxygen from water with photo-electrolysis, its so simple. I used to tell folks to use gas stoves to conserve energy. Now, with these powerful BIPV laminate systems I can see a balanced sustainable future with the sun doing the hard work for us.




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Friday, February 07, 2003 :

Clinton opens Stones concert with global warming lecture
[Bill Clinton has opened a concert by the Rolling Stones with a speech about raising awareness on global warming.]

12:15:54 PM

Bill Clinton has opened a concert by the Rolling Stones with a speech about raising awareness on global warming.

Speaking at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, he said it was up to average citizens to "stop the planet from burning up."

His talk was followed by a set by the Stones, including Start Me Up, Street Fighting Man and You Got Me Rocking.

Clinton said: "The reason this concert is important, is that the old energy economy that's cheating us as a planet is very well organised, highly centralised, rich as can be and very well politically connected.

"And the new energy future is decentralised, entrepreneurial and needs people like you to say 'Give me a clean car, give me solar shingles to put on my roof - give me a clean future'."

The concert was organized by the Natural Resources Defence Council, a non-profit activist group.