Smart Roof Systems
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Smart Roof Is Your Best Defence Against Peak Oil



This is how the PVL's look when they are unpacked.
Care should be taken not to roll them up too tight,
otherwise kinks in the stainless steel will mark the surface.


Roofing installed and making the juice to finish the house.


Here I am cleaning the 17" wide standing seam roofing with
alcohol. I am a supplier of Zincalume roofing from a local manufacturer. They are available in a bunch of colors.


Kula 4KW Smart Roof with Sand Green standing seam panels with 60 pvl-68's. The average prodution is 14-15 KWH per day.


After the pan is dry the Laminate is aligned and rolled back a foot or so from the top and the backing is peeled back a foot or so to expose the adhesive then the top foot is applied and rolled out.
Then its rolled up from the bottom to the top foot and the backing is pealed away then the rest is rolled on taking care not to kink the stainless steel in it. This must be performed by a certified Uni-Solar installer for the 20 year warranty.

Give us your plans and I will work with the engineers at Uni-Solar to design your complete PV system. It will be shipped to your door or Tri-Isle ready to install.

Laminate Sell Sheet

Laminate Tech Sheet

The Fastest Energy Payback For Laminates

Laminate Design Drawing

Smart Roof Design Drawing

New Generation Laminate .pdf large file (over 10 MB)