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Smart Roof Is Your Best Defence Against Peak Oil




* World oil production has peaked out as predicted by M. King Hubbert and evidenced by sky rocketing oil prices above $120/barrel. This will also cause the world wide shortage of solar grade silicon to grow very severe. Uni-Solar is immune from this problem because the amount of SGS or solar grade silicon used in Uni-Solar Triple Junction is miniscule compared to old fashioned crystal silicon PV panels. The manufacture of Uni-Solar Triple Junction modules is extremely energy efficient, and the price for laminates has dropped. Uni-Solar Triple Junction laminates have the fastest energy pay back in the world. They have no frames and glass to forge and fit.
Include a Uni-Solar Triple Junction laminate system in your building plans. Or retrofit your existing home with these attractive building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products from the leaders in the PV industry United Solar Systems Corp. BIPV laminates are bonded on site to metal roofing pans or EPDM and TPO roofing membrane. Framed panels are used for tile roofs and all other applications.

This is a great roof, even if you put it on a garage or farm building, or even on top of your existing roof with 2X4 purlins with insulation in the spaces.

* Uni-Solar Triple Junction modules are proven to give you the most power per purchased watt in the solar industry by tests in the USA and Europe. The secret is glass free construction and United Solar Systems patented Triple Junction Technology which combines three separate tuned PV layers for red,green and blue light. Its like Kodachrome for photovoltaics. Three PV junctions are way better than one. Dupont Tefzel is half Teflon and half Kevlar for superior transparency and toughness. Tefzel is in fact, clearer than glass. Glass free construction makes Triple Junction modules run cooler and generate more power than crystal cells under glass. The PV laminates work even better because the standing seam metal roofing acts as a seamless heat sink, to pull heat away from the PVL's. This is the best design for PV on earth. These products really do give you the most power per watt. Click on the link to the Lanai school Fat test pitting Sharp modules against framed Uni-Solar Triple Junction framed modules. Inverter #1 clearly outperforms inverter #2 with Sharp modules especially in the heat of the day. The module efficiency is a little lower than modern crystal cells but don't let this fool you. Tests commonly use strobe lights that do not alow the module to heat up, thus making rated watts much higher than actual performance watts. The temperature coefficients of Laminates are over twice as good as glass panels.
* The Laminates are bonded to painted Zincalume roofing on site by a certified Uni-Solar installer. The PVL's as they are called, come in a roll with a plastic covered adhesive. The standing seam roofing panels are 16 to 17 inches wide. We are suppliers of this painted Zincalume roofing in many colors (My preference is Mauna Kea White). If the job is big enough the roofing panels can be roll formed on site then the roofing is cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and the laminants are applied to them. The result is a great standing seam metal roof with PVL's in the pans. Wiring is completed under the ridge cap or under the deck and fed through the roof to the breakers/charge controller and or inverter. These are the most popular of all the Uni-Solar products because of the ease of shipping and performance. The 18' long PVL-136's weigh only 17 pounds. Tests at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory show almost no power degradation at all,after the initial burn in. They have extra power built in, especially in hotter climates like Hawaii.
* These Triple Junction modules are made with stainless steel then the triple decker sandwich of PV junction are layered on, EVA encapsulent is added next then its topped off with a flexable Dupont Tefzel glaze. These PV products are very very tough and will survive the worst the environment can throw at them. They make for a very strong roof and a wise investment. This is truly a roof that pays for itself! Uni-Solar products come with a 20 year warranty.
* A battery based system will cost about 20% more.
Just imagine,the lights are off all over town but you have lights and power for your eccential electric loads. Outback Power FLEXware 500 systems and sealed maintenance free 8D batteries on racks are my preference for stand alone and grid tied battery systems. The integrated FLEXware system is awesome with the FLEXnet DC fuel guage read out in the Mate display. With this 100% USA system you can kiss your electric utility goodbye.
* A battery-less system is simpler to install and requires no monthly maintainance. The cost is less but you'll lose power if your utility goes down. You can watch your digital meter go backwards.
* Off the grid systems work the best with Uni-Solar Triple Junction modules with the most power per purchased watt in the PV industry. Uni-Solar No Ka Oi. Smart Roof Systems 808-876-0377


Uni-Solar house with PVL Laminants and metal roofing.
Contact: Franklin Russell 808-876-0377


Triple Junction Technology provides the most solar power per purchased watt in the PV industry.


FLEXware500 with 16 sealed 8D batteries with 44 KWH of storage.

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National Renewable Energy Laboratories tests show more power per purchased watt.
Warm temperatures make Uni-Solar Triple Junction stabilize with more power than in cold climates.
Institute For Solar Living Shoot Out Test 1998.


Uni-Solar Stabilizes With More Power In Hot Climates

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Get a bigger,more powerful, traditional looking, almost indestructable PV system from Smart Roof Systems. Give us your plans and power requirements and we will design your system for your particular application. I will work as your consumer energy advocate to help you conserve as well as create energy too. 808-876-0377